Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Stopping suicide bombers

Okay, I'm not as presumptious as the Board of Supervisors in making foreign policy (those twits), but here's an example of the type of New Thinking that my administration will be founded upon.

Some people blow themselves up, just to hurt innocent other people. Twisted, huh? But that's what we've got to deal with.

Preventing them is hard, because attaining perfect knowledge of all others is hard. ("Addressing root causes" is moronic... people who tell this to others should address the root causes of why they're such miserable unhappy failures.) So what to do?

Torture to death the people who support such killers... their family, neighbors, anyone who had daily interactions with such a beast that would kill others.

Shocking? Sure. Difficult? I don't think I could stomach it myself. But it's the best way I've come across to reduce such killings in the future. Someone can blow themselves up, in a single moment of puppet-controlled ecstacy, but it's harder for them to know that the people they face each day will have even a worse time than their victims did.

"But killing people is wrong!" No shit, bubba. You've got to ask yourself how you can reduce the number of such deaths. Not just "feel bad" about innocents suffering, but how to reduce the suffering.

The Israeli tactic of bulldozing houses of mass-murderers doesn't go far enough, and doesn't deter as it might. You've got to show that the misery such a brute would inflict would be less than what their closest ones will endure, in order to dissuade the brute.

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